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3 Types of Men. (Type A)

Type A workaholics have and live just one life – work. (image source: shutterstock)

There are three types of men based on their personalities.

Type A: These men work and make their money and are passionate about their jobs – but they go overboard by working, working and working to the detriment of their health and family. Their job is the air they breathe, the food they eat, the bed they sleep and many times their family bear the brunt. The wife is disillusioned, the children are dissatisfied.

There are many billionaires and multimillionaires in Type A men but that doesn’t mean some of them are not struggling big time! These ones work more and more to make more money and may eventually enjoy phenomenal success in their career or business but they are not satisfied so they work harder and interestingly the misery gets bigger.

Type A men who are workaholics are incomplete but feel works and money completes them. Many have average or horrible homes and in fact their wives may embrace and engage in extramarital affairs to fill the vacuum in their lives – that’s not an endorsement for extramarital affairs anyway!

When their families complain about their absence they try to bribe with expensive gifts – but there are two types of gifts – animate and inanimate and both are separate variables and are indispensable in love and life.

Many times they are not fulfilled – work has no life yet they sacrifice their all for same and the one (family) that can feel, appreciate, celebrate, validate … they ignore which haunts them later in the future which makes self-actualization a mirage.


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