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Type B Men

Shopping adds fun and warmth to birthdays. Man. United forward Anthony Martial on a shopping spree with wife Samantha on her birthday.

Type B: these men are passionate about work but cherish family and family time. They work but are smart enough to maintain healthy (maybe near-healthy) balance between work and family.

They are available during the holidays, remember their loved-ones’ special days and celebrate same with them. They go on vacations with their families, have time for shopping, celebrate festive occasions with their loved-ones and are wonderful husbands and dads.

They are good career maybe business people, great family men and even where and when they are not available for their family, the latter know it was unavoidable.

Women particularly like this class of men for they are sensitive, smart, sensible and available. They don’t see work as the end itself but perceive as means to an end.

They take care of their family’s financial needs and are available to pamper with affection and attention.


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