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Type C Men

Romantic men cook once in a while for their partners but it could be the habit of Type C men and the motivation is money.

Type C: these men are lazy, have low self-esteem, shameless and opportunists of note who could become pickpockets, thieves et al, but the fact that fraudsters, criminals work and use their brains – negatively though, men in this class are not given to full-scale crime.

Crime is evil, inhumanity so please say no to it.

Idle hands, devil’s workshop! Since they are indolent they mutate to neighbourhood gossips, unemployed neighbourhood vigilante and may eventually become dependents on family, relatives, siblings maybe wife or on someone else.

If they’ve got rich wives they don’t mind being her call boy, toy, cook, laundryman, steward especially in private ….

Now if they have rich landlady they treat like royalty and their poor wives like rags but should things turn around and their wives become rich while the landlady falls from grace to grass they switch allegiance and begin to treat their wives like royalty and landlady like rags.

In a nutshell, money is the god they worship, the love they cherish and are ready, pretty ready to serve the one whose pocket is heavy.

They pretend to be loyal to their benefactors but they are loyal to their resources not them and what they have said about their benefactors (behind them) to others can’t be edited or deleted because they are in the minds of those people and they know what they have heard.

They are leeches, parasites, busy bodies … and Type C men belong to ‘yes-man category’. They depend on others to survive because they are lazy, have low self-esteem, don’t believe they could make it ….

As a boy I knew a leper (who doubles as beggar) and decades later I saw him still begging though a leper. Because of his challenge he could believe there’s nothing he could do to survive or succeed without depending on the resources of others but at least he’s got a reason what of able-bodied people especially men who refused to work? They prefer to beg for fish than go fishing themselves.

Type C members are professional beggars and no matter how much you advise, counsel, instruct even insult them their leopard spot (many times) remains for life – habits sure die hard.

A man like this will have issues with his home and marriage except his wife is rich which automatically makes him a yes-man. Type A men may likely have issues in their marriage as well.

Type C men could tell their wives to sleep with their boss for money even drive her to the hotel … he could tell her to sleep with her prospective boss for job, in another context for promotion.

They are the type that see their daughters as commodities and may sell the idea of baby mama syndrome to them as a highway out of want and poverty, may even plot, plan ways to make her marry a man whose family they see as monthly salary.

One who wants her daughter to become a baby mama cares more about money and care less about the risk he could expose his daughter to. Talk of HIV/STIs and children with genotype issues.

Because these men detests themselves they delete the good behaviours of others and paint with evil emulsion to feel good about themselves. They see themselves as failures and try to make others appear as failures too. Hmmmm!

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