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‘Sunday Lunch Votes for Rice.’

Jolly jollof rice. Have you launched your Sunday with rice? (social media)

Many things, events … are Siamese twins in love and life. Sure Tanko Shinkafi is round peg for the round hole of tuwo shinkafa and will woo and win just as a typical Ekiti man would pursue pounded-yam from Awka-Etiti to Ado-Ekiti.

Christmas and Easter lunch give their mandates to rice with chicken maybe turkey; Eid-el-Kabir attracts rice with ram meat in many homes; in some homes in the northern part of Nigeria it could be tuwo shinkafa or masara with ram meat.

Cake and weddings, birthdays … are lovers; the nickname of Champagne is ‘champion.’

Item 7 in weddings is dominated by rice which could be fried, jollof or white.

Koko and kose go together; maize with coconut or pear; bread with butter, jam or egg; ketchup must make love to French fries, popcorn and movies are inseparable. Chocolate and women are indispensable, men and beer are best of friends; condom is password to sex ….

‘Praise the Lord,’ is the twitter that ‘Hallelujah,’ follows; wherever ‘Assalamu ‘Alaikum goes ‘Wa-Alaikum-Salaam,’ follows from offline to online.

In our contemporary world I don’t think there are people who eat rice only on festive occasions anymore unlike decades ago.

Now Sunday afternoon is a leader that rice must follow. Fortunately it’s Sunday, now have you eaten your rice? Rise up now if you’d not – rice is the right side of Item 7 of life!

Staple on Nigerian tables.

Say no to indiscriminate sex. Remember abstinence or faithfulness is the very best insurance against STIs, unintended pregnancy and abortion. Say no to alcoholic lifestyle but if you feel you can’t help it – then drink responsibly!

We are olayemiogunojo.com the refreshing side of love; the instructive side of life.

Have you had a taste of olayemiogunojo.com today?

She’s tasted it and says,Hmmm, sumptuously delicious!’ (social media)

Fried rice (credit: nigerianfoodtv.com)

Ofada rice: locally-made rice. (tatashey.com)

We are olayemiogunojo.com// We are Nigeria// We are humanity.



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