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DAF (Drama at the ATM Facility {Snakes Mode})

Drama sometimes add fun to the stress of bank customers at ATM facilities. (credit: social media)

About 15 bank customers were on the queue to withdraw money from the machines but only one out of three was working.

‘m’ represents male customer and ‘f’ connotes female

The 3rd person (m) on the queue voiced without talking to anyone in particular:

3rd person: Snake births money so indirectly we are queuing because of monkeys and donkeys’ relative called snake.

7th person (m): You mean in the Garden of Eden

3rd Person: (nodding) Yes boss.

9th person (m): (smirking) Snake abi woman

2nd person (f): both of them … but snake was the originator of the idea and sold same to Eve its client.

5th person (m): he joined the conversation with loud, proud cough.

7th person: We saw dead snakes here last night. They died trying to swallow the 3 ATMs. Hey see one coming.

{Many hearts jumped up in a futile attempt to avoid being bitten; one lady jumped up simultaneously with her heart and her hat fell on the floor; another looked in the sky – perhaps snakes were dropping like rain from the sky maybe praying to God to save her; overall 95% of the ladies panicked must have forgotten snake is trending in Nigeria. Some men blenched too and their hearts nearly jumped out of their minds!

10th person (m): 777 is a number Oluwashina o!

8th person on the queue (f): (hissing) And what does that mean

3rd person: Fiction. White elephant.

4th person (f): come to fink of it snakes and money seem to be family members for generations. Did anyone hear the story of a wealthy man whose wealth and life were connected with one very big snake.

3rd person: I heard but don’t know how true!

12th person (f): You’ve got to see some things before you believe you know; rumour isn’t moi-moi it’s someone’s dignity, integrity maybe life on the line!

9th person: Had anyone seen God before?

12th person: God is different o

13th person (m): It’s true. My grandmother said she heard about it and knew the town it happened.

4th person: that doesn’t make it true or false but I didn’t say it’s true or untrue fink about it!

{At this juncture some customers had withdrawn and waited because the conversation was interesting. One passerby (f) heard the information going to and fro and decided to wait and input her voice too} let’s hear the passerby (now bystander).

Bystander: Money and snake; snake and money did anyone see the video of a lady in a hotel-room who changed to ‘a reptile’ and was trying to communicate her feelings to her audience.

3rd person: I did. She was used for money.

loading …. (part II)



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