DAF (Drama at the ATM Facility {Snakes Mode}II

ATM facilities manufacture cash (social media)

Bystander: And again did anyone see the woman at toll-gate many years ago that they said snake was coming out, and retreating into her womanhood.

3rd person: I heard!

4th person: Ah … na only you? Omnipresent. I fink he’s joking jare. The one I knew was snake swallowing snakes in the Holy Bible. Snake swallowing money had been denied so deleted but the news must go on like doughnut without hole!

2nd person (f): I FINK she denied but it became you did, I didn’t … accusations and counter-accusations … video was even shared as evidence … though I didn’t watch. Anyway the love of money is the root of all evil and that’s gradually making sense after all the devil was the serpent that introduced money into the system and owns the © of evil in life.

15th person (m): People kill for money every now and then and the devil succeeded in using money to imprison humanity. Be that as it may, if humanity is naked till date as it was in the Garden … rapists will have a field day.

2nd person: No they won’t for there won’t be crime not even the ‘smallest sin’ called white lie!

15th Person: Women will begin to see men and choose them based on our ‘CVs’ and many men who are not endowed down there will never marry!

2nd person: That’s vanity and the world will be too perfect and pious to have that chaos! Even at that women love heights, now don’t tell me you don’t know diminutive men who are happily married and tall men who are singles or divorced, and vice-versa.

9th person: Money, fame and power override height oga!

12th person: Don’t you understand. There won’t be money, nor fame nor power! Just chat, eat, sleep, shock and pass signals into your partner … baby bump … babies. No pains associated with labour. Women will drop babies as we drop wastes in WC – no pains whatsoever.

6th person (f): You’re right but some wastes have muscles, thick muscles and you roar your life out to birth them in the labour-room called WC. Nonetheless money is the devil. Very true and many now sell their innocence for expensive papers.

4th person: I fink I’ve heard stories of young girls of 18 or less selling their ‘miss’ to become ‘mrs’ for cash for something good at times but when the former is bad it spoils the latter. Like selling your virginity to get money to sponsor yourself in college et al.

3rd person: that’s true many also sell their ‘mrs’ to pass in college.

11th person was only interested in cashing and rushing back to work and was religiously saying ‘next’ while the conversation lasted. His voice was coarse enough to break coconut; big enough to be owned by Goliath but it was in a 5ft 7in man. Interesting!

11th person: Next

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