Skills Pay Bills.

Motor-mechanics are cars specialists who’d been trained, having received instructions on the anatomy and physiology of automobiles. (credit:

You send your children to school to acquire knowledge and over the years they become skilled and employable.

You make money executing what you know and skills sure pay bills.

A physician is trained on the workings of the human body and he earns his money taking away what people detest (ill-health) and replacing with want they want (health).

Fashion designers, makeup artists, lawyers, farmers, teachers, musicians … all convert their skills to become economically independent.

You’re acquiring skills as you learn driving which could be your source of income (full-time or part-time) in the future. Company drivers, commercial drivers … are all drivers.

Learning is acquisition of skills which could be password to teaching in the future and you don’t necessarily have to study Education in college to be a teacher.

School is facility for training people and once you have attained a particular level of education you’ve got skills which could be used in many fields of life.

There are people who studied French, English … in college and are working in the bank and making exploits.

Some skills are easily accessible, available and some are painstaking and takes a long time and effort to acquire. You can be a poultry farmer overnight especially if you’d been exposed to the rudiment as a child but not a doctor or lawyer.

Many actors didn’t study Theatre or Dramatic Arts in college same way many professional musicians didn’t study music. But sure they’ve got talents and converted to skills.

Update your skill set today!

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