Adverts as Clients.

Mamador vegetable cooking oil.

If you meet a young boy or girl singing, “Airtel Recharge card #200, Airtel recharge card #200, Airtel recharge card #200 …” he’s not just recharging with mouth but rehearsing so as not to forget when he finally gets to the store where he wants to buy call credit.

Bisola wasn’t trying to rival Tiwa Savage but only trying to salvage forgetfulness with her lyrics “Maggi #50:00; alubosa #30:00, maggi #50:00, alubosa #30:00…”

Uju’s acapela – Ugu #100:00; palm-oil #100; Ugu #100:00; palm-oil #100; Ugu #100:00; palm-oil #100 …”
And finally
Ummy sings excitedly “Kose #100; bread #100; Kose #100; bread #100; Kose #100; bread #100; Kose #100; bread #100 ….

Now these kids are simply trying to successfully carry out little errands but if they fail to perform tongue-lashing may follow.

They know what they want, better still what their parents or elders prefer in the market but don’t want to be speechless when they get to the shop like goat meat in a pot of soup.

The business world is inundated with competition and competitors and in other to stand out by setting and leading the pace you need to offer quality merchandise and then push with top-notch advertising and marketing.

Love rules the world not just life and love is emotion, passion … now aside the fact that your adverts should make sense to sell … it must attract its audience just as beauty in a woman attracts men and money entices women, fashion enchants women; sports, men and music appeals to humanity.


Identify your audience (clientele), know their demographics, mindset and what will catch their attention, capture and enrapture their minds and convince them to try your products or services – don’t forget you’d stocked or offering top-of-the-range products and so once a customer always one will work for you.

Find relatable slogan that will inspire or motivate your clients and potential clients. Push you promos with commercials that stir nerves and trigger thirst and interest.

Aside good products, great customer relations will enhance patronage and so insure and secure your business.

Manchester City FC are 2017-2018 EPL potential champions and that’s selling point for Premier Cool.

We are … enriching lives across miles

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