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‘Greed vs Selfish.’

They are definitely fighting for some prizes: money and fame:  Floyd Mayweather (Jr) vs Conor McGregor. (Image: Getty)

It was February 18 and Wemimo (Wemi) aka Wema a civil servant lost #5000 (sorry #500) and discovered 500 minutes later. He therefore traced his way back perhaps he could be fortunate to find. Did he? Yes, no, maybe!

He searched everywhere for 50 minutes going to and fro as if he’d lost #5,000,000 but couldn’t find and was lamenting and criticizing himself for being careless, reckless “Ogbeni osharprapra like Wema bank product sharpilolo … in this scarcity you lost manna sent to you by mama and papa God …” and as his mind was giving him some strokes of the cane he saw a white envelope, peeped into it and saw some crisp naira notes totaling #5,000.

His heart skipped but why won’t it after finding ‘#50,000.’ He looked left, right and left like a child trying to cross the main-road, he even looked up perhaps someone was hiding in the tree branches far away. And finally he looked 180 and balanced with another 180 to make 360-degree like a thief in sugar-cane and cocoa plantation at the same time.

He bent down in a flash of lightning, picked and paced away quicker than quickly – from that spot.

But the miserly gene in him wouldn’t let him rest and he continued to hunt for his missing #500.

He continued till Tella, the person that lost his #5,000 came around searching for his money too. Meanwhile Tella had seen the #500 Wema lost and pocketed as well.

When two thieves meet – the other is a thief … so when the two men met they suspected each other and voiced simultaneously, “What are you looking for?”

Wema looked at the stranger and voiced, “My #5,000!” The stranger regarded him with cold, hot eyes and voiced, “Then my #5000 must have been stolen by you!” That was a cue for Wema and he piped “My #500 must have been stolen by you too!”

“Yes I did so give me my #5,000 and I’ll release your #500,” Tella surmised.

Wema stuttered, “I … I didn’t lost, loose, lose any money o.”

The stranger grabbed his cloak and it degenerated into a fisticuffs.

Hey selfie for the greedy vs selfish man.

But honestly who’s more greedy between the two!


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