Romantic Needs in Intimacy.

Nollywood actors: Peggy Ovire and Fredrick Leonard. (

Which is more romantic to you dating, courtship or marriage?

I know to many it’s the first two but who says marriage can’t be a mine full of romance?

A person highly sensitive to romance and not enjoying same in marriage as (s)he did in dating and courtship may not be fulfilled in her love-life or his marital life as the case may be, therefore understand your partner’s needs in love and life and try to fulfill.

Men are not clairvoyants so as a woman don’t expect him to comprehend all your cues, open up. Women are conversationalists of note so harness your strengths to channel your needs and desires.

But above all learn to dialogue; so embrace and express open and honest communication.

Don’t let life stop your love. Have time for love and your love-life will refresh your larger life. 


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