Shopping on the Spotlight.

Smiles accompany awesome shopping experience.

Shopping provides contents for our wardrobe and our wardrobe defines us; they mimic our personality which is relatively stable part of us but should our personality changes our wardrobe automatically wears a new look.

Not all bills put strain and stress on our minds, in fact some bills actually sink boreholes in our minds yet bless us with bliss and one of them is shopping.

But not all shopping spree brings bliss. Sometimes we like our choices (fantasy) while shopping but later dislike (reality) when we start donning those wears.

Members of both gender love to look good but women are more detailed in fashion just as men are more finicky about sports part of entertainment.

Shopping comes and goes but our wardrobe stays except of course our personality changes.

A young adult who likes to booze, club, party … may change his wardrobe should his personality changes and transits from the level of club boy to conc. church brother.

He sees sagging as tapping crude oil illicitly, his Friday nights changes from club houses to church, he drops booze for Bible and since old things had passed away his wardrobe too will surely gas away and he might need to sell or give some people his former wears – which reflect his former ways.

His lifestyle has changed and so his wardrobe but if he wasn’t a chronic. club boy who changed to conc. church brother his wardrobe preferences may not change much.

Now if his uncle maybe aunt abroad comes back home stocking ‘old wardrobe’ for him he might not appreciate for his personality had changed and his tastes and choices.

Shopping and women are best of friends because fashion and women are bosom friends.

Many people draft budget and document or paste on the wall of their minds before going out to shop but many times they go overboard.

Just as some people are addicted to alcohol, cigarette, drugs some are addicted to shopping and binge big time in shopping malls.

Many times relationship experts advise intimates to fall in love with their partner’s passion therefore as a man take delight in giving your wife wardrobe allowance or surprise her once in a while with monetary gifts exclusively for shopping.

And by extension take delight in cooking for your hubby and let his favourite meals woo and win your fingers in the kitchen. Be creative, eclectic and adventurous and your meals won’t bore him.

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