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What Do We Really Want?

Former First Lady of the US Michelle Obama with late Nelson Madiba Mandela and her daughters (from left) Malia and Sasha.

Business office vs political office?

What do wealthy people want? Wealth is different from power because money rules business but power rules people and many times the wealthy ‘leave their businesses behind’ to seek power – talk of Donald Trump of the United States, Cyril Ramaphosa of South-Africa even our own late MKO Abiola and many more the world over.

Oji Uzor Kalu of Slot Group was the former Governor of Abia State; Rochas Okorocha of the business world is now occupying Imo State Government House ….

The former office of Donald Trump wasn’t the most honourable office in the US but status quo says he’s occupying the most honourable office in America.


People want challenges in love and life and wealth isn’t enough, same with fame and even power.

You make $1m today you want to make $10m tomorrow. You’re the sitting Governor of your state today … and before your tenure expires … you aspire to become the President of your country ….

Arnold Schwarzenegger moved from Hollywood to the most Honourable office in California and served two terms …. Many Nigerian actors, musicians are politicians now, and many more have political ambitions.

In intimacy love isn’t enough and sex has got its role which could even become boring overtime – yes in the absence of suspense, spice, adventure and creativity.

Now many men struggle with celibacy because their partners want to transform from ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs’ but only in marriage and some men play away games while the waiting lasts.

And the moment the groom and bride exchanged marital vows oga is already demanding but in his mind and thank God the excuse of madam expired the moment the cleric says, “…you may kiss your bride!”

Life is a movie with many parts and all the parts together make a fulfilling life. Usain Bolt made fame and fortune in track and field; now football is dialing his mobile lines and giving him goose bumps ….

So what do we really want? Not about business or political office, wealth or resources but the love of adventure, respect, honour, challenges, new experiences, offices, exploits … but above all self-actualization.

Don’t be boring to your partner, clients, business associates, employers, employees ….

Many see me as business consultant, some as relationship coach; I bet where Beatrice see many leadership traits in me; Bridget perceives me as life coach; in my mind’s eye I see the school of thought who feel I should seek further instructions in coaching colleges to become football coach and lots more.

Whatever your perception or opinion of me and people, of you we’ve all got one life to live and we need to maximize same and someday definitely we’d give account to the one who sent us here.

{Pictures: Michelle Obama Pictures: First lady style
AP Photo/ Debbie Yazbek, Nelson Mandela Foundation.}


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