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When Will Humanity Conquer Cancer?

Late Steve Jobs former Chairman, CEO and co-founder Apple Inc. (photo credit: Christophe Ena, AP)

There are different types of cancer – breast, brain, blood (leukemia) prostrate, lung … which makes the pandemic not only prevalent and widespread but egregiously evil; it’s no respecter of gender, race or socio-economic status, and humanity – anonymous and prominent people the world over had succumbed to the scourge.

Late Steve Jobs, Dora Akunyili, Gani Fawenhimi, Yinka Craig … and many more the world over encountered, fought with the monster but finally lost the battle … but only their lives were silenced their good deeds and sweet memories live on.

Research is ongoing and researchers are working painstakingly to finally stop the scourge … meanwhile lead a healthy lifestyle – adequate sleep, moderate exercise, embrace nutritious meals – fruits, fresh fish and vegetables, whole grain meals, beans, use heart-friendly cooking oils – olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil to cook … they are health-friendly and wholesome.

Now say no stress and stressors, reduce red meat intake, drugs, alcohol, fat, too much salt and sugar, as well as sugary drinks.

It doesn’t mean those who had cancer didn’t lead healthy lifestyle same way it will be inappropriate, insulting and insensitive to say all those who failed their exams are unserious.

What really is the factor (maybe variables) making cancer incurable?

When something is calamity to humanity I believe it demands concerted effort and ignorant people at times need to be carried along. Though research has its ethics, bottlenecks and bureaucracy … theories are propounded to be researched and tested not implemented right away.

I round off with this popular quote from a philosopher: There’s nothing incurable except that which mankind hasn’t found a cure!


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