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Bedtime Café (You and Your Bed).

If bread and butter are bosom friends then sleep and sex are sweethearts. (pic credit: social media)

Many of us had slept on so many beds in our lifetime that we’d lost count of.

Some beds are softer than gel and the moment you land on them your body says, “Thank you boss!” Conversely, some are harder than rock and your body bears the brunt.

Beds softer than butter are bestsellers, yes authors of sweet dreams and some trigger nightmares, no thanks to their metal bodies.

The former refresh your sleep and you wake up feeling energized, ready to face the challenges of the brand new day and the latter bless you with fatigue and you wake up feeling you and heavy weight champion Anthony Joshua exchanged blows all through the night.

He threw 100 punches at you while you manage to hurl half (less than one) at him and your body carried placards and went rioting and protesting.

Some bed are noisemakers and they gossip your every movement to the world, so what happens if your partner shares same with you?

I remember the story of a man whose bed makes noise more than machines in factories and in the night when he’s passing electric shocks into his partner, his neighbour always suffer the smoke of suya without sharing the the suya with him – no thanks to the creaking and screaming bed.

The man employed sarcasm and satire to relay his mind to his neighbour via letter. He must have arrested and jailed the criminal, blackmailer called bed!

Your bedroom should be your comfort zone and your bed your companion but if it’s a competitor, rival maybe even bully then you need to change same. Sleep should be honeymoon not boxing ring.

I know Bedtime Café is perceived like popcorn and movies by mattress makers (companies) but many might be using social media as scale to measure our reading audience. How wrong!

Now let me put the record straight – with all modesty we impact across miles and have reading audience across the globe – in Nigeria, Africa, Europe, America, Asia … now they say charity begins at home and I say this authoritatively that many Nigerian leaders, business men and women, politicians, clerics, celebs, socialites find this site irresistible and access on a daily basis.

Little wonder we’re … enriching lives across miles.

Refreshing night’s rest to you all.  


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