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Restroom-Bathroom Teamwork and Effect.

What! Back to sender. (pic source: pinterest)

Now that snakes refuse to take the back seat in Nigeria, the media is awash with their stories and if one isn’t swallowing money, it’s another becoming an unwanted tenant with apartment in restroom and bed in WC, where legal occupants are most vulnerable to their attacks but many times the attacker in-waiting ends up being the attacked.

Oga boss I hope madam has not been waking you up every time she wants to answer the call of nature? By extension I’m sure many homes that don’t subscribe to torchlight now have at least one which accompanies them to the restroom at night – especially when there’s no light.

Many have ensuite facility and some must engage their legs to access their restrooms.

Some occupants of face-to-face apartments come out of their buildings entirely to use their convenience and some don’t even have WCs in their buildings and resort to passing their wastes in nylon, paper and do faecal shot-put – into ditches, bushes and uncompleted buildings nearby.

I hope someday you guys represent Nigeria in the Olympics but before then things would have changed for the better – bad to good is lively, lovely, inspiring and should motivate you never to give up.

I don’t know where you are right now but before you say, “Didn’t I tell you that refuse dump is Africa’s WC?” every country has its low-income neighbourhoods as well as slums but I don’t have to remind you of the many stereotypes your society too is grappling with.

Wealth is sweet but sweeter after experiencing poverty you know but an ingrate will always be pursuing ‘the next level’ forgetting to enjoy the apple in his own yard because his eyes are fixed on the pineapple in the next building – he sees ‘pine and apple’ and expresses this attitude at every phase of life till life, sorry death finally pushes him or her into a hole which makes humanity say “Oh!”


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