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Month: April 2018

Entertainment and more Relationships

Jealousy vs Envy.

Love has inbuilt jealousy but if not tamed it has the potential to ruin intimacy. (credit: Stock image) Ronald (Ron) is a lawyer he owns Ron & Justice Chambers; Eugenia is his wife and Regina (Reg) his PA. Eugenia had…

Entertainment and more Relationships

The Charles Michels (Belgian First Family).

Belgian First Family: Charles and Amelie Michel. Charles Michel was born on December 21 1975 (42). and attended Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of Amsterdam where he bagged his Law degree. Family of politicians: Michel is the son…

Entertainment and more

The Nigerian Brand olayemiogunojo.com

Our fabrics, fashion&style … in Africa are goldmines for smart foreign investors. Pearlvision Publications is exclusively Nigeria, a proud Nigerian brand and because you find one of her products – olayemiogunojo.com – a leading world-class brand, so interesting, informative and…

Entertainment and more

Ads as Magnets.

Adverts are magnets that go out to catch customers so if they are magnets polish their surfaces, make them smart and sensitive to woo and win clients. But hey stock quality otherwise the purpose of the ad will be defeated…

Entertainment and more

‘The Crucial Factors of What, Where and When in Adverts.’

Businesses are faceless, voiceless but adverts give them face, add arts and beauty, bless with finesse and aesthetics  and then send out with sweet voice to woo and win customers. The nature of your business: is it products-oriented and/or service-rendering?…

Health/Wellness Relationships

The Irony in Beauty.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, critically-acclaimed Indian actress and Miss World 1994. (credit: social media) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and because beauty comes in diverse packages it makes it ubiquitous and so none in life lacked all modes…


Whispers from American Singer Toni Braxton.

American singer, actress, TV personality and philanthropist Toni Michelle Braxton. (credit:DEF JAM) The Un-Break My Heart singer is whispering to the newly-weds to give love a chance. Your marriage is less than 48 hours may you live to celebrate 48,…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

(Video) Notable Lessons from Animal World.

Lessons from elephants, one of the smartest animals. The baby elephant was optimistic, he knew his faith could subdue his fate to rise to fame. He was rugged, dogged stoic and maverick. He never gave up instead he took a…

Entertainment and more Providence/Life

‘The lol of clerics that isn’t lol!’

Pastor EA Adeboye aka daddy GO. (credit: social media) There are too many issues that need prayers in love and life which make prayer points sands of the desert. And so just as players want to have an edge on…

Entertainment and more Relationships

The Blackmail that Changed a Bad Habit.

Prayers are requests coming from our hearts and sent to God. (credit: christianpatriotdaily.com) The Simpsons: Tony (30), Florence (29) and Flourish (3) Tony’s title: hubby and daddy; Florence: wife and mum and Flourish indicates daughter. Florence’s pet name for her…

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