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Bedtime Café (Pleasure and Instincts).

Is your bedtime a blessed time? (pic source: shutterstock)

The sweetest things in life are anchored on instincts and instincts are automatic behaviours, in other words they are attitudes expressed and exhibited dramatically.

Now the most pleasurable things in life – sleep, food, sex are not learnt before being expressed but driving, swimming, cooking … requires training, tutoring to acquire the appropriate skills needed to observe those behaviours.

Did anybody teach you how to sleep or eat? Not even how to copulate though you acquire some instructions (peculiar to the behaviour) over the years. And a child at first is completely ignorant of sex. I can recollect vividly how I felt as a kid when I saw a female pupil using the restroom. Now if I’d seen a ‘boy’ on her body I would have felt indifferent but I was surprised for I felt males and females have the same anatomy down to their private parts.

Many information are acquired from childhood through preteen, teenage years and adolescence … nonetheless nobody enters the room with you to tutor you what to do and how to go about it … so you can successfully drive on the highway of sex. A man can use your car to teach how to drive but not your partner to educate … you on sex. Never!

Sleep and sex are like babies and baby bumps, snow and cold and so as an appendage to our bedtime café … safety belt is important when you’re driving in life and contraceptives in love – even as a married man or woman to ensure adequate child spacing which is part of family planning.

It’s not uncommon to see many dads and mums dress and undress in front of their kids but this attitude is quite bad and has its attendant consequences.

I’m sure before going to bed tonight you must have secure your gate and doors in the same vein, many houses are fenced but why? Many homes have CCTV and cameras monitoring activities around their homes – and the motivation behind the attitude?

Refreshing night’s rest to you all; it’s ‘good morning’ to some, ‘good day’ to others! What an interesting life!


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