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Bedtime Café (When Your Hubby Lets You Down).

An upset spouse is likely to transmit venom and infect his partner with anger. (image credit: social media)

When a man’s favourite team lose an important game he feels bad and goes to bed sad and if his team win then it’s good news and night party for Mr. and Mrs.

Liverpool trounced Man City and Barcelona beat Roma FC therefore men who follow these two clubs that lost tonight are in bad mood at this point in time. Many of such men might divorce their dinner and distance themselves from their wives.

Now peradventure a man had passed diverse signals into his wife’s mind all day long with sweet text messages maybe sexting and the poor woman was itching all over and already carrying the deep blue sea in her body, and impatiently waiting for her hubby to finish watching his game so she could devour him … but lo and behold baba had been thrown in bad mood and his face had red card on it.

Meanwhile madam that had been salivating, drooling felt nothing spoil, “After all I’m a woman and I know how to add salt, sugar and sauce to his mind and fireworks to his body,” and she comes closer and hugs him hoping to pass signals and charge his battery.

But much to her chagrin oga boss is a log of wood tonight and brushes her aside and later access the bed and turned his back on her.

A man’s football team disappointed him and the man disappoints his wife ….

Sorry Madam oga isn’t touching you tonight! You’d probably let him down countless times in the past so at least you’ll know how it feels to be let down in bed but please don’t try to have your pound of flesh o – starving him for that could be visa to the land of mistresses and baby mama is an unpalatable meal, bitter pill to homes and marriages. So forgive and let go!

Another night will come. Sorry madam!


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