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Bedtime Café (Sleeping Positions).

How wholesome is your sleeping position? (image: istock)

As a young boy many years ago one of my older friends had his head ‘tilted’ to one side of his neck and he couldn’t turn his head to the other side like a spiritual hand holding the roof of his body to one side and he was in that position for maybe hours or days.

It was quite ludicrous but he was older and we couldn’t make him the butt of our jokes, for fear of stirring the hornet’s nest and receiving Kirikiri beating that turns daytime to night. Though he might not be able to instantly punish us but his tongue would definitely give us some strokes of the cane.

We were told he slept on his neck and the image is still intact in my mind. I kept wondering how he managed to sleep on his neck ….

Just as there are diverse sex positions there are various sleeping positions and the most appropriate one season or phase of life could be inappropriate at another.

Pregnant women must put their baby into consideration while sleeping and are lectured on best sleeping positions during antenatal …. Now many people have their usual sleeping patterns though many more may not be conscious of this.

Sleep right. Don’t sleep on your brains or neck o. Wake up to see another beautiful day.

We are olayemiogunojo.com // Sweet dreams to you all.


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