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Football as Humanity.

Fair play describes football. (image source: Getty)

Football is a movement proudly endorsed and embraced by humanity.

It’s been used to fight racism, promote fairness, fair play and justice. But they say charity begins at home, to this end football should promote and advance what it preaches all ways, always.

It was Man City being robbed back-to-back on the Etihad pitch it could be another team tomorrow after all Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

About 3 days earlier Man City were denied penalty in Manchester derby and last night their goal was disallowed … different competitions, the same stadium – Etihad and the same effect – frustration.

I know what frustration is for we’ve gone head-to-head several times and I know it impacts confidence and competence … and interestingly performance is anchored on these variables.

18-yard box in football is like examination hall in the academia, surgical theatre in medical facilities … where far-reaching results emanate from and it’s not out of place to introduce innovation patterned after goal-line technology to guide referees in their decision making (as regards off-side, penalties …) in this delicate part of pitch.

We love humanity. We love our football!



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