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Securing Your Marriage.

New movie Divorce Not Allowed by Mike Ezuruonye is motivation and inspiration for couples to weather the storms of marriage stoically. Pay the price for the prize called wonderful marriage.

Nothing good in life comes easy – love, bliss, riches, good grades in college, awesome job, beauty, holistic health, lovely spouse, brilliant kids, wonderful marriage, loyal friends …. 

Many wrote the same exams four or five times or more to access college, many apply for the same job over and over again, many sweat, slave to get visa …. Did you know how many hours you spend at the beauty studio just to look good, at the spa and gym to stay fit and healthy …. Sacrifice!

My last published article When Men Turn to Criminals to Catch Policewomen looks incredible but many times men sacrifice a lot to get and secure love. A working class man could turn to student  just to get close, woo and win the lady his heart desires.

There are instances where men change church, job, apartment … some even pretend to be members of the religion the lady belongs just to kiss her heart.

Some men sink boreholes in their pockets because they are buying moet with palm-wine salary. Femi earns #80,000 monthly and patronizes #5000 per plate restaurant just to get close to Ada whose mum owns the restaurant. Debo patronizes Bukola’s boutique which could make him go bankrupt in matter of months yet he wasn’t perturbed …. Some turn meals they are allergic to to their favourite just to get ‘item 7’ for their hearts.

Women too sacrifice a lot, enough … to get close, so that their green-light could be visible, their voice audible and personality accessible to the man their hearts couldn’t ignore.

Sandra detests the silence (noise and awkwardness as perceived by her) peculiar to the library but because Jack reads regularly there and she had soft spot for him she begins to patronize the facility … 4 hours of reading and she’s able to retrieve information equivalent to (about) 40 minutes. More than 3 hours wasted every other day – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

If you see what some employees go through in the hands of their employers you might feel slave trade changed name to paid-jobs yet they endure and even flash some of their 32 naval officers to their oga (boss) but  let their spouse hurt them a bit and bingo they are heading to court – for divorce of course.

If you sacrificed so much to access love why can’t you sacrifice more for its maintenance and sustenance?

Marriage isn’t a walk in the park but it can become a stroll on the beach if you’re ready to sacrifice more on a regular basis.

image credit: (Instagram/MikeEzuruonye)

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