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‘When Men Became Criminals to Catch Policewomen.’

This is the image you behold when a beauty queen decides to pursues a career in security agency.

This is the type of security agents criminals see and say, “Officer, this is me, please arrest me but T&C applies – I’ll return all my ill-gotten wealth, go to prison and after few weeks enjoy parole and finally marry you!”

Pics ahead

This beauty in uniform could format a man’s mind and turn him to a kleptomaniac in seconds.

And the man who was worth #200,000,000 went ahead to steal #200 so that the officer could arrest him.

A bae-babe in police uniform will nab many innocent-criminals.

When a pretty police officer (as highlighted in the image above) turns to alcohol in a man’s mind he runs faster than cheetah … and tells his family (by marriage if married or if single his parents and siblings) that he wants to quit his job to become a police officer and his significant others wonder what went amiss.

Sorry ‘Miss’ took bliss from his old job and he got pissed off and security job became sexy because he’s seen a hot babe in police uniform.

{Image credit: Mercy Aigbe (Instagram); personality/profession: Nollywood actress}. Image III: credit: social media; Personality/profession: Empress Njamah/Nollywood actress.

Have a crime-free, fun-filled weekend.


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