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Intro. of Bisola Weds Rasheed (#Bisras 2005).

Wedding is a milestone event in life. (pic credit: lifestylethecable.ng)

Rasheed (35) and Rasheedat (24) were classmates and students of NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria). They were friends from 200 to 300 level but began dating from 300 (when 300 level was 300 hours old) to few hours to 400 level when their relationship ended abruptly.

Bisola – Dr. Bisola Adeyemo (35) taught Rasheed and Rasheedat from 200 through 400 level.

Rasheed made distinction in his ND (National Diploma) but had 10 years break from school for he lost his dad but he sought fashion skills in the interim and subsequently became a fashion designer. He never rested on his oars. He went back to school for his first degree where he had met Rasheedat and Bisola.

How Bisola and Rasheed met:

Bisola was celebrating her birthday and as a good lecturer, her students decided to gift her. They bought two ankara fabrics (attention) and went a step further (affection) by designing without her knowledge hence they never sought her measurements instead they clone her statistics using her student who doubles as her ‘twin-sister’ in height and body configuration. Rasheed was the mind and fingers behind the design. Suffice to say the gifts came in surprise mode.

Bisola was happy, she loved the outfits and later inquired about the brains behind the designs and that’s how Nigerian version of Rose met Jack but theirs didn’t lead to deaths nor end in calamity but tranquility and posterity.

Meanwhile Rasheed was in love and dating Rasheedat … but overtime he preferred his lecturer Bisola to Rasheedat and later called it quit with the latter … and news followed – Dr. Bisola snatched his student’s boyfriend.

Bisola was a product of a family of scholars and she attended UNN (University of Nigeria) Nnsuka, UI (University of Ibadan) and UNILAG (University of Lagos) for her first, second and third degrees respectively before travelling overseas on a knowledge-seeking tourism.

Rasheed was doing nicely in his fashion business had a car, nice apartment, savings … before he enrolled at NOUN and with Bisola’s contact his business expanded astronomically. 8 months later they got engaged and 4 months after it was their wedding – #Bisras 2005.



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