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TAM (That Awkward Moment: the runaway artisan)

The face of a thief shortly after apprehension (shutterstock).

Continues from the past 2 published articles …. You finally voiced his name and he looked in the direction of your voice and saw you.

He became awkward and like okro his mind peaked from ebb and dropped from height. He felt hot and cold at the same time while you were relishing the moment and having a cool time.

Immediately his mind borrowed the fist of Anthony Olufemi Joshua (Nigerian-British heavy-weight boxing champion) and punched him with the statement ‘you’re a big fool!’ so he let out a sheepish smile to relieve his embarrassment.

Another person might decide to ignore him and call his mobile at another time to allow him keep lying.

One of my friends once said on facebook that he enjoys listening to lies when he already knew the truth! How interesting!

Let’s peruse the tales this sharp-man might likely upload in the second context:

“Oh, sorry, I … I saw your miss … missed call … my nie … nephew took ill and we’d to rush her to the hospital … unfortunately I left my phone on the living-room couch at home and it was just ringing away but later in the evening when my niece Alice became fine and we came back home I saw it.” This story teller isn’t so skilled in lying or perhaps he was caught unawares.

Let’s check out that of an expert in lying:

“My wife lost her phone at the shopping-mall … I was in the car so she collected my phone and was using to call perhaps it might say ‘here I am’ but I guess it was stolen for it was saying ‘here I am’ in another place! Now I’ve got to look for money to buy her another smart phone!”

None is perfect though but mistakes shouldn’t be feeding on mistakes to finally turn to major errors!

So do things you won’t be ashamed of when (or if) the truth finally comes out or perhaps you’ll be able to voice about it in the future without feeling abashed – but you do in a tactful manner so as not to offend the person at the receiving end especially if such didn’t deserve what you did.

Expect VAW later in the day!


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