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Bedtime Café (What God had Joined Together …).

Your frustrated looks when your partner (the criminal) won’t stop setting alarm but it refuses to arrest the offender but you. Yes no one but you!

Since God had joined you together in Holy Matrimony you became one and as Siamese twins you can achieve many things as individuals for you both and these are some of them:

Taking analgesic to relieve your partner’s pains.

Sipping steaming tea to release her cold so you can receive.Exercising your body so (s)he could lose weight in consequence.

And since you share the same bed then you can observe sleeping to help cure her insomnia – after all you’re one and what God had joined together let no man put asunder.

Did I lie to you? of course no but you may need to research them to prove me wrong! lol

Don’t accuse or abuse me for I interpreted the instruction literally – borrowing a child’s mind to that effect. Now using Comedian Helen Paul’s voice, “It’s a lie if God joined them together I should be seeing one person not two and what one does should affect the other …!”

These anomaly can be easily spotted but some can’t because they are deep and very technical and may require professional eyes to pick the lacuna.

Yes in response to the information I accessed on social media some days back – now when men are putting on the personalities of women – and behave based on the template, you’re experiencing Hand of Esau; Voice of Jacob.

“If I was a woman, I’ll be a high-class olosho!”

“I can sleep with my man on first meeting not just first date ….”

“I may not even go to school at all since I can use my body to source money!”

Men on the average have higher libido, crave sex much more and are more promiscuous so sex isn’t big deal to them – and in this context this is the mindset you access when they put themselves in the shoes of women. 

Tender night’s rest.  


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