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‘Guilty or Victim?’

Love thrives in atmosphere of bliss and peace but bad-blood triggers hate. @ image: First Family @ Covenant Christian Centre: The Oyemades – Toyin and Poju (Instagram)

‘Guilty or Victim?’ mirrors the fact that there are two sides to every issue in life. If someone is always accusing others of something such could be a victim of the circumstance or guilty of the accusation.

A lady always accusing men of promiscuity could be a floozy or a victim. If she was a floozie she had probably slept with a company CEO, a soldier, student, politician, single and married … had probably slept with her best friend’s boyfriend, boss’ hubby and so over the years all men are promiscuous – her world spilling over to the world.

After all in her little world she’s had premarital … and later extramarital sex with various men.

She’d probably betrayed many women: friends, neighbours, colleagues, co-workers … with her accomplice – men!  And many had probably betrayed her too.

This is applicable to men as well. He’d slept with his landlord’s wife, housemaid, boss’ wife, neighbour’s fiancée … so to him women are not trustworthy and their betrayal in love is noteworthy.

Many politicians who accuse others of corruption are highly corrupt and had egregiously abused their offices – in the past, present and not apologetic nor repentant – so if they have the opportunity in the future they will perpetrate same.

The accuser pointing accusing fingers to others could be using such as strategy to divert attention from him or her. It could be to subconsciously relieve her guilt, maybe further torment the accused and so on.

Our relationships sure need science.


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