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Picture of the Day (Mr. & Mrs).

Love should be refreshed to witness many anniversaries. (credit: social media)

Many fresh couples (brides and grooms hours back) are doing (perhaps had done) thanksgiving in church today.

@ image:

Care to know the information streaming through the fresh hubby’s mind … yeah let’s go:

“So I finally deleted her surname from birth and blessed her with mine?”

“This woman who once said she was married to a naval officer whose fingers on the trigger was like Michael Phelps’ limbs in the waters.”

“After we became friends … hey this babe back in the day will pick my call and say, Oga kilo’tun de o, kila rigbo o? You’re corrupting my mind with love and I’m 17 years 11 months 29 days o! My mum will beat me and my dad will deal with you! Meanwhile she was 22 then!”

Oga kilo’tun de means ‘boss what’s the problem again?’ while kila rigbo o is ‘what’s it this time!’


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