‘The Maze Called Life.’

Add smile to the picture on the left, add the bead, earrings and headgear and see if her natural looks (before-makeup beauty) won’t come close to her after make-up effect. (image credit: social media)

If your behaviours used to be the image on the left and you add understanding, patience, humanity, self-love, self-esteem, confidence¬† … you’ll become very adorable, irresistible and in the end you become an angel but are there angels in life?

Majority of humanity are masses and very few are extremists in life -yes the very good and the very bad! Armed-robbers, assassins, ritualists, spiritually wicked people … fall into the former and angels in human bodies are filed in the category of the very good – but did you know that the margin between the two looks microscopic? Just as kids and very senior citizens are miles apart yet neighbours.

Because we’re humans it’s quite difficult to meet someone who’s very good but easy to meet very bad people, interestingly a very bad person to you could be very good to another, and where you’re seeing the devil such is seeing an angel- can you see it’s a quagmire!

An armed-robber stealing, killing, maiming … could be very wonderful to his wife and parents and if something negative happens to them he could go into depression.

Even your good could be bad – depends on how the observer perceives your intentions. We know how we think but many times we don’t know how the other person process information available to him or her.

The landlord who (out of good intentions) pays the school fees of his tenant’s children (after they were sent home from school) could be perceived as a meddler by the dad of the children, a neutral person might say he’s intimidating and showing-off his wealth. The self-esteem of the cash-strapped man could be damaged if he perceives himself as a failure ….

Another landlord could replicate same with sarcasm and his motivation: “Useless man he’s broke. I’ll belittle him by paying his children’s school fees and I’m indirectly telling him he’s useless!”

At times if you’re too good you make an ideal person insecure so you must be bad so (s)he could be good …. By extension at times the most stupid people in life are the dullest and smartest! Sure you know why?

Life isn’t maize we crush with the machines in our mouths but maze that confounds our hearts many ways.

Can you now see how and why God measures our hearts and not the surface-effect?

He delves deep down to examine intentions, motivations … now if you still belong to the school of thought that believes that people who don’t belong to your religion are candidates of hell, don’t you think you need to re-examine your stance?

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