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Bedtime Café (Attitude of Gratitude)

Having a bed-mate is blessings, it’s spice to sleep and available sex. (credit: social media)

Why do I publish Bedtime Café between 9pm and 10:30 pm Nigerian time? I do because I’m in Nigeria and so following the time at my disposal. I don’t follow Australian time (7:33am Tuesday morning April 17, 2018) nor Indian who are hours ahead of us and I don’t follow America nor Canada: 5:33pm Monday evening who are also behind us. 10:33pm in Nigeria same day (but Monday evening here)

Now if I follow the time of any of these countries then my timing will not match the bedtime in Nigeria and many will wonder why? Australians are on Tuesday morning same with Indians and Americans are in the afternoon right now but we are in Monday night here in Nigeria.

The way you perceive me if I publish ‘Bedtime Café’ at 3am Nigerian time (while I’m in Nigeria) is similar to how God sees those who use other people’s times and seasons to measure their achievements and run their life-race.

Rob finished high school at 17, gained admission to college at 18 graduated at 21, got a very lucrative job at 21 got married to a beautiful and wonderful woman at 24 … was done with kids at 34, became a CEO at 45 … made millions of dollars in 12 months and lived to be 100.

Good for him. Don’t envy him. Don’t give him a bad name to compensate for your own inadequacies. Focus on your life.

Now in track and field you’ll be penalized if you leave your lane and cross to another so focus on your life in life.

You see a woman and you automatically feel she’s the author of beauty yet unmarried and you wonder what went amiss. Don’t overstretch your mind … God controls events in life and use our lives to teach, tutor, train, motivate and inspire humanity.

You know what? Enjoy your life whatever your status or the status quo, but don’t be complacent.

If you’re looking for husband don’t hide in your room, go out, be alive on social media, posts your pictures, update your status … mix and mingle with your married friends and singles … attend religious services, programmes …. 

If it’s admission you’re seeking, read well, go for tutorials … if you’re looking for jobs tell families and friends, send your CV to companies, work without working – yes for someone for free instead of being idle – your CV will expand … if you need children, pray to God, seek experts and sleep with your partner … get going, keep moving and since you’ve got seeds in your hands, God will be challenged to provide the perfect soil for your seeds to thrive – but at His own time.

Love your brand. Love life. Believe in God. 

While in prison if Nelson Mandela was preoccupied with the things his friends had achieved, were achieving he wasn’t likely to come out sane or even alive.

Free your mind. Research the positive side of your challenges … I didn’t get here today sleeping and snoring … but I got here because God had special plans for me and took me through the fire of each plan and finally planted me where He can use me as vessel for humanity – it’s not easy – believe me!

You don’t beef a man or envy him because of his blessings – you never knew the prize he paid and still paying for those gifts but you can be inspired by his stories and be blessed beyond your own imaginations. No man is an island in life!

Lovely dreams to you all


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