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Road Palaver I (Rolls-Royce Mode)

Shaq O’Neil can’t drive cars meant for the masses and so he needs the customized modes. (credit: social media)

Most motorists see everyone walking on the road as people who are not mobile but in reality many actually do.

Someone alighted to get some drugs at the pharmacy, another to pick his child in school, someone’s car is at the parking lot and decided to stroll out of his office complex to buy booli (grilled plantain) with groundnut and chilled water … I can see cars at mechanic workshops waiting for surgeries ….

Did you know that that man waiting for your car to pass so he could cross the road could have many cars and the tyres of some could buy your car? Anyway, this actually depends on his car and yours but if your car is luxury brand and 2018 model then many cars on the road will say kabiyesi to yours same way Shaq O’neal meets very few men as huge as him in real life – though not on the basketball court back in the day.

If a cab driver keeps moving and stopping intermittently to pick passengers and you’re driving behind him you could bark at him, “You don’t know what you’re doing o!”

Now says who? He does bajebaje – kowope. After all he needs to pick passengers. Though in civilized societies where things work it’s an offence but as of today (April 16 2018) it’s carry go for him but I hope things improve …. As a driver, be creative about it. Add sense.

Some people drive cars that sell stress to other motorists, you know why? Too expensive! Though the definition of riches vary from minds-to-minds and to some people once you’re pushing a metal along the road – you’ve got money and once such sees you, irrespective of the class of your car and how beautiful and healthy, it’s Oga ekabo sir! Welcome boss.

Some cars make other motorists thank God for their station in life while some are mobile headaches injecting diverse cognition in people’s minds.

A rolls-royce was swimming along the road from Ogbomoso to Lagos and at the junction adjacent Federal School of Surveying Oyo,  Baba Saliu’s commercial cab surfaced and his iron immediately coughed out loud, “Kabiyesi o!” while Baba Saliu’s mind went ringing, vibration mode, “God with this kobo that enters my pocket every day even if I save everything for 100 years I can’t afford to buy this mobile heaven.”

Now one of his passenger heard the vibration and voiced, “Baba, this one that you’re heaving, hope no problem?” Baba gave his feedback with a more vicious sigh. The man who had come to see his children at ACU (Ajayi Crowther University) Oyo, understood and when he alighted he gave baba #2,000:00



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