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TAM (That Awkward Moment: in the Exam Hall).

Awkward moments are diverse but each makes you highly uncomfortable.

This edition of TAM is a true-life story.

Earlier in elementary school, Mathematics wasn’t big deal to me but as I advanced it became issue, big issue but the biggest issue was in high school.

And through high school and beyond we were Tom and Jerry for it was thorns in my flesh but I eventually scaled the hurdle.

It was this Mathematics in Sheep’s clothing (Statistics: PSY 405) that I was battling with as a Psychology-undergraduate that Internet became slower than the slowest chameleon, but who was to blame – Yemi!

I had modem (dongle) and system but when I saw students attempting their tests in a public café and how fast and faster the public Internet was I decided to take a risk to save time and possibly finish the test.

It was a reference course (my only) and I wanted an ‘A’ in the course. Now God so good I’d passed the course from the exam (before the test) and I wanted to get even with PSY 405 for making me re-write the course and off to the café I went.

I decided to use the cyber café on campus and not the particular café at off-campus  – mistake No. 2!

Drama at the Café :

“… I want to browse,” Yemi’s voiced had rang.

“What do you want to do?” the attendant responded. “I want to do my test and this one that you’re asking me … I hope your Internet isn’t slow o? It’s TEST I want to write!”

“No problem!” the attendant had replied me .….

I logged in and started and the questions were easy after all I’d prepared, and studied some past questions as well, but lo-and-behold from the 4th question or thereabout the Internet changed to someone dancing Alanta in this season of Shaku-Shaku dance and my head went on rampage. My mind took the baton and handed over to my mouth and venom gushed out.

I made the attendant realize that #100 was too small for the attendant implications on any of his clients – an extra year and aside the extra-year, resources, unnecessary trips to and fro including risks …?”

Now no amount is too big to do that!

I thought I had asked God to beg, maybe bribe the time for me but God is God and good. Hey insufficient time wasting away untapped. I couldn’t stop the time and should I log out, the time keeps ticking and in the end it will close.

I never knew I could sweat so much in a cold weather …. the questions were coming up s-l-o-w-l-y … and anxiety quickly, which imprisoned my confidence, and competence said Oga Yemi bye-bye o.

And my performance? I attempted few out of the 30 questions. The ticking time was the fastest and the signals, as well as the processing from my mind,  the slowest!

“Sorry, sorry … from the attendant and people usually ends issues like this!”

I was expectant and when the results finally came out I scored 56%! 

From the article:

Now re-writing PSY 405 means I had an extra-year … right? Yes in many cases, no in some and so you need more information from me to conclude but I didn’t!

Generally now, information at hand makes us assume and conclude … but when the latest (senior) information surfaces we notice our initial errors and faulty conclusions!

Oh sorry bro. (credit: social media)



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