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Bedtime Café (Silence after Misunderstandings).

She needs money; he wants sex but malice is standing in the way. (credit: Everyday Health)

After misunderstandings some couples bear malice  and send their mouths on vacations, but how long can an ideal couple go without communicating – snuggling up to each other in bed, one-on-one chatting, hugging, kissing, lovemaking …

But the longer it takes them to resolve their issues the more intense the pressure and interestingly the higher the temptations and vulnerability to extramarital sex. 

After running their race and tired their vocal chords begin to itch aggressively. The female version of the couple could be praying and wishing her hubby apologizes or just open conversation and that could be what Mr. is waiting for as well and since both of them are on break so who’s brave enough to break the awkward moment?

Some wives may decide to break the deafening silence by resorting to text messages:

“Though you said I shouldn’t talk to you again, notwithstanding your friend, Mr. Pen asked after you!”

Now did her hubby said she shouldn’t talk to her again? No! And had she ever sent Mr. Pen’s message to her hubby via SMS before? No!

So she was apparently trying to use Mr. Pen as tool to get signals and reconnect with her hubby. Smart woman there and good for her!

Men may resort to teasing their wives to stylishly re-open lines of communications:

“This lady better still woman, you’re overeating these days and it’s alarming and showing on you. Too much curves means more baggage to carry around and more money from me to maintain your properties. You better watch your mouth my salary is starving!”


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