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‘Smiling vs Sulking.’

When you see smiles before the beholder feast your eyes and your mind will thank you later.

Truth be told if you’re always smiling you upload carefree personality and people won’t take you serious. Conversely if you’re always frowning, your red-card drives people far away.

But you need to maintain balance to enjoy love and life.

You need smiles to attract goodness and enjoy goodwill and camaraderie but it could also make people take you for granted.

Sulking could be deplored to avoid or address many issues but could also make people avoid or distance themselves from you but only if it doesn’t operate on the principles of times and seasons.

Though some people have naturally hard faces but only a JJC will be shaken by the stimuli, and even overtime such will come to terms with the demeanour of the steaming person.

Sullen face could be means to an end – and in this context it ends up preserving, maintaining and sustaining your smiles.

Your project analyst could take you for granted if you’re always smiling but when deadline beckons and anxiety raps on the door of your mind then your red-card face with mouth manufacturing venom could push the panic button in him and so he takes your job very seriously.

You were disappointed and left in annoyance but came back two days later and the moment you got close to his office you quickly kidnapped hell and pasted on your face … but the moment he hands you the completed job, heaven dropped some smiles on you and you probably flashed him some of your fangs in white uniform.

Your PAs (initial anger and hot words) had worked effectively for you and it was the forerunner of your smiles and bliss.

But you don’t have to trade your smiles nor tame your anger to be acceptable and adorable – both work together for your overall good.  

Now even if none made you smile or angry it’s natural yes instinctual to maintain emotionally-neutral face and on this premise you can’t be smiling nor frowning all the time.

However learn to smile internally.


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