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Bedtime Café (Babies and Baby Bumps).

Parenting is lots and loads of responsibility and maturity. (credit: Getty Jessica Peterson).

One of my classmates in junior high school once told me the story of a woman who had ‘twins’ he said the woman was already pregnant but didn’t know and when he slept with her hubby the second time she got pregnant again and two months after delivering of her first baby she was experiencing ‘push’ again.

Of course as 18 + we all know the facts and so fallacy has no hiding place.

I hope our world doesn’t get to the stage where women would start carrying placards, protesting the ‘bias and ‘injustice’ God did to them by giving women womb and sparing men. But this will certainly be divided into two blocs – for and against school of thoughts but sure the ‘against’ will be far more than the ‘for’.

While protesting the pro-womb and gestation will hijack the protest (from the anti-womb category) with maternity shoot of all sorts showcasing baby bumps of various levels – 1st trimester (fresher), 2nd (sophomore) and 3rd trimester (finalist).

Now about 30% of those carrying placards and protesting will pause and ponder and one of them will dramatically take the lead, “Wao babies and baby bumps are the bomb … why am I here, Lisa? Sandra, Anita, Benita come let’s go. In fact, I’ll surprise my hubby with first move this night! By fire by force I must carry my own baby tonight and showcase my baby bumps in few months! Selfie wait for me okay?”

10% will back down using the backdoor – the voice of one of them selling excuse to their overall leader “Comrade, please I want to use the rest room. Tola, Bola, Biola, Fola I thought you guys said you wanted to use the ladies too? Yeah let’s go!” Lobatan (end of protest)

Men and women complete, complement one another and no competition whatsoever.

Sweet dreams and tender night’s rest to you all.


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