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The Blackmail that Changed a Bad Habit.

Prayers are requests coming from our hearts and sent to God. (credit: christianpatriotdaily.com)

The Simpsons: Tony (30), Florence (29) and Flourish (3)

Tony’s title: hubby and daddy; Florence: wife and mum and Flourish indicates daughter. Florence’s pet name for her hubby was ‘Uncle Tony’ and Flourish pirated.

Tony leads the morning prayers at 6:30am every morning and often ends with Our Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father who art in heaven … give us this day our daily bread and make my wife grant me my ‘bedly’ bread … and forgive us our trespasses ….”

Tony started adding the statement in ink when his wife started playing hard-to-get in bed and that was when Flourish was 1 year 6 months. However, Tony had forgotten that his daughter was growing physically, mentally and socially too, and on a daily basis and when she was 3 years she challenged her dad one calm, silent and very clement April morning.

Let’s hear her, “Uncle Tony, there’s no and make my wife grant me my bedly bread when my Sunday school teacher and school teacher recite our Lord’s Prayer?”

Florence eyes became bigger than the mouth of python trying to swallow its prey and her mouth dropped like lizard off the wall, and quickly grabbed Flourish’s arm and pulled her along and finally into her room to debrief her.

Flourish my lovely daughter did you tell your teacher in school or church that that’s what your dad, Uncle Tony says?”

{“No mum!” That’s Hallelujah!

“Yes now” – that’s wahala o!}

So what did Flourish say?


That’s blackmail but Florence actually triggered the blackmail for unjustly denying her hubby sex. In some instances the man could be guilty as well but in this context no! Florence craves being pestered, coaxed, cajoled for sex and his ‘importunate demands’ for sex makes her feel in control and on top of her game.

But the hunter was finally hunted, and Florence the emotional bully had huge phobia for blackmail and that singular event changed her for the better!

One variable can actually bring about the transformation we crave in our lives. It took the disappearance of Uduak’s best friend who was also her roommate, classmate in college and colleague in olosho deal for her to renounce high prostitution and change completely.

It took Mercy one sermon in church to stop seeing her boyfriend, Richard and the potent lines in the sermon?

‘… the man that will express domestic violence in marriage shows the signs and symptoms in dating-relationship and starts by telling you to shut up in private then public then graduates to threatening you with slap … to real slap, and the sequel yes sand-paper slap ….’

George stopped wasting his time trying to woo and win his Georgina (Monica) and went for Jessica when his dad said to him, “If as a man you discover that what you liked with passion in love and life and aim at with all your strengths you don’t usually achieve but what you’d been ignoring so far you end up winning without sweat, then you need to focus more on insignificant things at the outset and redirect your focus and energy on such things, persons ….”

In conclusion, lifestyle overrides ‘church-style’ so don’t go to church to warm the seat, imbibe the message and replicate in your life.

Happy Sunday!


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