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The Irony in Beauty.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, critically-acclaimed Indian actress and Miss World 1994. (credit: social media)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and because beauty comes in diverse packages it makes it ubiquitous and so none in life lacked all modes of beauty but it’s not unusual to see some accommodating, hence archiving many aspects of beauty.

Good height is beauty but a man who’s 6ft 5in tall could be too tall for Lizzy but perfect for Becky – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Curves are elements of beauty but the curves of Zenia could be overboard for Raju but customized for Khan. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Truth be told money is beauty and many women find rich men irresistible and many more will pick a man who’s not good looking but rich over one who’s gorgeous but struggling.

Sense of humour is another aspect of beauty which many women find so appealing.

Fame is a component of beauty and many women lust after fame same way many men are tickled by beauty. Nollywood actor RMD had to sell reality to one of his female fans who was too obsessed about him … Omotola-Ekeinde had her version in a male fan whose obsession was laced with compulsion … in fact most celebs at home and abroad have them in abundance. Many musicians, sports men boast of bevy of women as well.

Power – ancient kings have absolute power and command awe and respect and yes they marry the most beautiful women in their kingdoms and sometimes beyond and by extension military officers, especially senior officers are not unconnected with gaggle of women.

Intelligence too is beauty and I remember the story of a woman, a beauty goddess who was bent on dating and marrying Albert Einstein ….

Dulcet voice, starry eyes, piercing gaze, enthralling gait … are all part of beauty.

All said and done but did you realize that your beauty whatever version has the potential to bring many suitors your way same way it’s got the propensity to distance many from you?

Some women prefer comfortable men to rich men for they see such men as public property every woman wants to live in.

Some ladies even tell themselves, “Don’t marry a man who’s too handsome because good-looking men are Casanovas, even if they don’t want women; women desire them and you end up losing him to other women”. Many men feel the same way towards very beautiful women too.

A very successful woman will drive many male suitors away and some will be attracted by that same success.

A very beautiful woman could lose her husband to an average woman who isn’t her match in any way whatsoever but familiarity that breeds contempt probably made her lose her sublime beauty and spice in the eyes of her hubby but another man would see and wonder how on earth a right-thinking man would leave such a beautiful woman with good figure and great heart.

Conversely an average-looking woman could lose her husband to a beauty.

You want bigger butt maybe bust to feel secure and insure your home and marriage … ironically a woman with curves smaller than yours at the moment may win your hubby’s heart after you’d padded your waves and turned to whale.

If you understand life and providence (whatever your station or circumstance in life) you will see that you don’t really have rivals and that’s aside the fact that you’re the only you in life … so relax and release bad blood.

God didn’t, won’t give anyone the monopoly of events in love and life.

Weekend is gone; another week is loading … so productive week ahead.


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