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‘The lol of clerics that isn’t lol!’

Pastor EA Adeboye aka daddy GO. (credit: social media)

There are too many issues that need prayers in love and life which make prayer points sands of the desert.

And so just as players want to have an edge on the pitch and show their selfish sides by lying with impunity, pastors want humanity, society, families and individuals to have an edge in life and so they selflessly voice ‘lastly, finally, in conclusion …’ yet they don’t round off their prayer points.

So if your pastor keeps saying,

“Before we call it a day and leave for home let’s pray to God to grant us peace, unity and security in our country ….”

“In rounding off pray for jobs for our youths, healing and health for the sick.”

“Before I stop let’s pray for peace and love in our various homes.”

Before you say, “pastor FINALLY FINALLY Amen!”

Your own LOL isn’t lol! Hmmmm!


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