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(Video) Notable Lessons from Animal World.

Lessons from elephants, one of the smartest animals.

The baby elephant was optimistic, he knew his faith could subdue his fate to rise to fame. He was rugged, dogged stoic and maverick.

He never gave up instead he took a break at intervals to rest and come back better – reinforcement – police, armies and other security agents do that.

Intelligent animals use tools and elephants are one of the most intelligent animals so I felt he was going to grab the log of wood flowing in the water … he tried to even used his hind limb but couldn’t and he let go.

He almost came out about three times but never did yet he never gave up and kept trying.

He searched briefly for alternative routes but found none and came back to attend to his immediate assignment and project.

He didn’t search for long perhaps because he knew that was his only option.

When he saw help coming he pushed harder in other words he was saying “Please I need help I’m not playing games here. It’s not fantasy but reality.”

So don’t mimic ‘Messi’ when you’re ‘Mercy’ in that your support system may not be able to spot the difference.

His helper perhaps mother knew what to do and how to go about it and that was exactly what she did. She didn’t waste precious time or go about announcing to the world so the world could see and call her heroine. In fact she watched the drama perhaps allowing the baby elephant to struggle, learn, unlearn, relearn – we learn, grow in pains.

The baby elephant’s challenge was bigger than him but not his mother.

The baby elephant came out and never looked back at his major challenge.

Now if the elephant was caught in an environment where there was no help he could die, if heavy rain falls it could wash him away, he could even be attacked by lions …. So the environment was perfect for his growth and he wasn’t tempted beyond his capacity – because though the hurdle was bigger but one bigger than his sweat was in the vicinity.

There were two mature elephants in the video – one was indifferent about the plight of the baby elephant and one saw his pains and came to his rescue. Empathy.

See the big elephant as God and the baby elephant as you. And since God is greater than all your challenges why not hand them over to Him. You don’t have to lose hope, resign or even commit suicide or give up on love or life. What you see as mountain could be someone’s molehill and reaching out for help to such is help released, hope renewed ….

Perhaps you’d seen something I didn’t see, say please apply to your life or extend to another.

I turned this video to inspiration but it didn’t begin with me and won’t end here.

A team created the video and someone shared in my group on whatsapp before I could add my input. Now don’t break the chain. Use the lessons learnt to motivate and inspire someone.

Happy Sunday!

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