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‘The Crucial Factors of What, Where and When in Adverts.’

Businesses are faceless, voiceless but adverts give them face, add arts and beauty, bless with finesse and aesthetics  and then send out with sweet voice to woo and win customers.

The nature of your business: is it products-oriented and/or service-rendering?

Your clientele: demographics of current and future customers … will determine the type of adverts you need.

In other words, what, where and when are sacrosanct variables.

What (products in this context) – Emeka retails (exclusively) luxury sports wears?

What (products as well)Amaka stocks luxury beauty products – hair and hair accessories, cosmetics ….

Where (medium of advert for Emeka): his best options – sports magazines, newspapers, sports websites, gym facilities, sports betting sites, billboards on highways and stadium facilities, sports programmes on TV, radio … his flyers should target night clubs, car-wash centres, exotic football viewing centres ….

Where (medium of advert for Amaka): her best options are spa, lifestyle websites: fashion, beauty, relationships, gossips, as well as reality TV shows, entertainment programmes, soaps, fashion shows, beauty contests … billboards especially on highways, at shopping malls, movies …

When: for Emeka and Amaka their type of business demands more publicity and marketing on weekends than weekdays … unlike a department store which majors in corporate wears and are more likely to attract customers when they are in corporate modes and moods.

As a print-publisher I’d visited many upmarket stores, restaurants in Lekki et al knowing fully well the standard only to get there to meet attendants who automatically remove 60% from the 100% I’d given the business. 


Don’t open a 5-star store and do 1-star publicity – you’re driving customers away, better still inviting those who may not be able to patronize you. Conversely don’t open a 3-star business and do 7-star publicity – except you’d prepared in advance to serve your clients the meal of frustration and dejection when they arrive – and in this special case your products and their price tags were below their tastes and expectations.

Many times I see flyers and ignore only to see the business the supposed flyers were meant to advertise and adore!

Business isn’t something you decide spontaneously and start instantly but it involves detailed planning!

Blessed week to you all!


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