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Month: April 2018

Entertainment and more Relationships

Bedtime Café (Sex Issues)

Lovemaking-sex starts a longtime before the grand-finale. (credit: social media) One good thing has other good things in the store and someone or something bad has other bad things in stock. Sex apart from the pleasure inherent, it fights stress,…

Entertainment and more Relationships

‘Playing Hard-to-Get as Trophy’.

Derin Phillips (Dj Caise) with sweetheart Xerona Duke (daughter of Donald Duke, former Governor of Cross-river State). The Phillips were unveiling their umbilical chord-themed love. (credit: Instagram) Hours, maybe days or weeks into your marriage and the lust for marriage…

Entertainment and more

Andy Townsend on the Spotlight.

ex-football player and co-commentator for BT Sports Andy Townsend in his element. (credit: skysports .com) Sweat shirts sit well on Andy, suits and shirts come out nice on him and he commands lots of  awe and respect. The former Republic…

Entertainment and more

Our Owambe Queen this Weekend: Nollywood Actress Mide Martins.

And the unmistakable queens in Nollywood actress Mide Martins came out loud and clear. (credit: informationng.com) Owambe of a musician is kurombe for musicians; owambe of a politician is roll call of politicians … yes you’re your guests and your…

Entertainment and more Health/Wellness Relationships

Breathing in the Moment.

I’m a woman NOT Marrioman. (credit: social media) @ image: when your younger sister (5 years your junior) is getting married and people expect you to be bitter, sober and sombre and you say kurombe with your owambe pose.  Wedding…

Entertainment and more

Weekend of Fashion and Road Traffic.

Modest. Stylish. Classic. She’ll sure create traffic at her owambe (credit: lifestyle.ng) ‘Environmental weddings’ usually archive traffic so softly softly with your poise and pose. VAW (Voices at Weddings) #Bisras 2005 will be rounded off next week God willing. Have…

Entertainment and more

‘The Early Bird in Ngozi that Caught the Worm in Okafor’.

Environmental and personal hygiene are crucial to health and life and shouldn’t be compromised in any way whatsoever. (credit: social media) Environmental Sanitation Day in Nigeria is observed every last Saturday of the month and it’s the last Saturday in…

Entertainment and more Relationships

The Spices in Varieties.

The Ariztos: Lola and Wale. In this home, events and wedding planning say ‘I do’ to photography) credit: Wale Ariztos. Male musicians ceaselessly pen lyrics and effortlessly sing about women; women replicate same with men. Now aside the fact that…

Entertainment and more

Men’s Weekend Wardrobe.

White on red or vice versa is a nice combo it sends eyes on convoy. Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger’s red ties on white shirts speaks class and add finesse to his brand. Another weekend is here and weekend archives events and…

Entertainment and more

Mohammed Salah on the Spotlight.

April 24, 2018. Champions League Semi-final at Anfield: Mohammed Salah in his element. Mohammed Salah netting against his former club and employers, AS Roma. Mohammed Salah is trending and his medals, deals … are loading … but hey don’t rest…

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