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Month: May 2018

Entertainment and more Relationships

The Issue of Resemblance.

Are they sisters? Most likely. (credit: social media) The issue of people resembling each other depends on many factors. If you see a dark-skinned man and you feel he looks like a Hausa maybe Yoruba man so are you telling…

Health/Wellness Relationships

How You Contribute to Domestic Violence.

A honest and caring heart seeks peace which is password to love and bliss. How You Contribute to Domestic Violence’ tries to clue you on the fact that domestic violence many times is a choice for we contribute to it…

Entertainment and more

‘Bouncer at the Gate of Success.’

The face and demeanour of someone whose good news got stuck in traffic and his heart begins to play hide-and-seek with his mind.  (credit: social media) Hassan Baba based in Dugbe Alawo, Ibadan, was an alumnus of BUK (Bayero University…

Entertainment and more Relationships

First-Time Experience.

When a toddler (Landon) meets twins for the first time in his life and he’s  sandwiched between them he enters the mode of someone who wants to cross the road – left, right, left … and his mind begins to…

Entertainment and more

Humanity as Brands.

Lanre Adisa boss @ Noah’s Ark. (credit: social media) @ olayemiogunojo.com we believe everyone is a brand and brands thrive in conducive business environments; so polish your personality, add life, source inspiration, motivation and peak your confidence. Are you in…

Entertainment and more

Lanre Adisa Boss @ Noah’s Ark Ltd.

Lanre Adisa, advertising executive and boss @ Noah’s Ark whispering to you to breathe your vision this brand new day. (credit: social media) Lanre Adisa who calls the shot at Noah’s Ark Communications Limited, became the first Nigerian to make…

Entertainment and more Relationships

The Emmanuel Emenikes.

Super Eagles of Nigeria ace striker Emmanuel Emenike with his sweetheart and wife Iheoma at their White Wedding. Emmanuel and Iheoma had both represented Nigeria in sports (football) and beauty pageantry. Iheoma, MBGN (Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria) 2014 edition…

Entertainment and more

The Nonsense that Finally Made Sense.

Smartness rules the corporate world. (credit: social media) Vivian was working telecoms job and had informed her friend Nkechi, a job applicant to attach her scanned passport photograph to her CV but Nkechi looked at her like she was fish…

Entertainment and more Relationships

The Hero in Mamoudou Gassama.

French President Emmanuel Macron with Malian hero Mamoudou Gassama (Credit: Google/Business Insider) The hero earned his nickname (Spiderman) because of his guts, skills and dogged spirit to save a child.  Mamoudou Guts (sorry Gassama) was brave and humane to have…

Entertainment and more

Meet Aisha Obuobi Creative Director @ Ghanaian Fashion Brand Christie Brown.

Critically-acclaimed fashion designer Aisha Obuobi First Lady @ luxury brand Christie Brown. Aisha, a Psychology graduate and an alumnus of the University of Ghana, is one of the leading and most influential designers of African descent. Her brand is known…

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