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Bedtime Café (fighting mosquitoes and malaria)

Mosquito nets ward off mosquitoes.

If a lion strolls into a football-viewing centre, shopping mall or the movies I’m sure everybody at the facility will scamper to safety after all it’s a matter of life and death and everybody will run for the medal of life.

The following information is culled in part from unicef.org

The Reality of Malaria

“The largest killer of children.

Malaria kills one child every 30 seconds, about 3000 children every day.

Over one million people die from malaria each year, mostly children under five years of age, with 90 per cent of malaria cases occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A heavy disease burden

An estimated 300 – 600 million people suffer from malaria each year.

More than 40 percent of the world’s population lives in malaria-risk areas.

Malaria is particularly damaging to pregnant women and their unborn children. It can result in maternal anaemia and low birth weight -the single greatest risk factor for death during the first months of life ….”

Now why can’t we see mosquitoes as more dangerous than lions after all mosquitoes via malaria kill over 1,000,000 in a year and lions the world over can’t kill 500 people in 12 months.

Now aside the fact that mosquitoes transmit malaria, they also disturb our sleep with their murmuring, and lack of sleep is stress on its own and with malaria the stress becomes doubled.

As an undergraduate one of my friends passed the night at my place and in the morning he was baffled how a single mosquito didn’t come to say ‘welcome,’ to him. I detest mosquitoes, dislikes malaria and I once missed an exam because I took ill and mosquito was the criminal, malaria its accomplice and since then I became a security agent … with the mandate to arrest and prosecute mosquitoes.

Lack of sleep is bad, malaria is worse now if one contracts the disease during exam time or interview … you know the person in question will miss such exams and that’s another big wahala, such will also incur bills to restore her health. Too bad!

If the way nursing mums fight and put mosquitoes to flight is how we all do then mosquitoes would have long sought asylum elsewhere.

It’s better, smarter and cheaper to fight mosquitoes than malaria so control mosquitoes and contain malaria and ill-health.

Have a lovely night’s rest.


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