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‘Beards as Aso-Ebi’.

You’ve got beards then bare it all.

Beards are men and where you see beards you see men. Beards cut across cultures, religion, space and race.

They are conspicuous, bold, bright and brave. Add beards to your events as biological aso ebi and take from 3 to 5- star owambe.

Mane of lions = beard of men. Authority. Dignity. Power.

more pics ahead

Flaunt your beard, rock your style.

Beards like muscles are masculine.

Beards could be accessorised with glasses, caps et al

Stylish and skittish. Beards are hard and good to soften.

Beards are faces they are fashion too and so align with white.

Beards with agbada like music with dance, go together.

Beards with smiles add grace and charm.

Beards have patterns so partner your best.

(image credits: pinterest/social media)

You’ve got an event and you’re a beard-wearing or loving man, you can make your owambe unique with beard-gang signature.

So when women do their colour code and aso ebi things, you can instruct men especially your social circle to rock their beards and add memories to your events.

Believe me many who don’t fancy the beard gang ideology will also join the train for solidarity and loyalty.

‘Have a stress-free, fun-filled Saturday.’ From all of us @ olayemiogunojo.com

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