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Can You Outsmart God?

Do more of worship and thanksgiving and less of requests believe me, it’s password to your testimony. (credit: social media)

The fact that God says He would punish evil doers to the fourth generation makes some evil people see their evil being perpetrated after their demise and are joyous over this. But can a man or woman outsmart God? No!

Just as some people want their great-grand children to enjoy their wealth and want their blessing to extend to many generations after them conversely some want their own family to continue to suffer the consequences of the evil they had done but such people forget the place of grace.

Grace is God at work, fighting the wars of the innocent; it’s also empathy and compassion over individuals, peoples, societies and this impact His laws, and by extension punishing evil and evil doers.

God sees the heart of man – now what people commend could be condemned by God because He sees the heart of man and judges motivations (intentions).

Many times humans process information available to them from the surface but they are superficial, makebelieve but God who sees the depth knows if such deserves good or bad and will reprimand or reward accordingly!

Blessed Sunday to you all.


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