You can find bliss and peace in the midst of life’s chaos.

Enobong wants to jump into billabong (river) because she’s got just 2 weeks grace (ultimatum) to pay her house-rent and she knew that this time her properties will no longer enjoy shade and calm but will sunbath big time. She owes her landlord 2 years rent but the latter had told her to forget the past and pay only the current rent – which she still can’t afford. The same Enobong that pays her rents in advance.

Mfonobong’s head went on a bong note and she ran faster than bongo (antelope) outside her home at 1am because her husband took a cutlass and wanted to severe her head and body members … for ritual purposes.

The bug stinging Iniobong is her unborn baby. Iniobong is pregnant for a man who has a wife and 4 kids in the UK and she’s confused over to keep the baby or abort and delete the man and his signature for life. She brands her unborn baby, ‘made on deceit’.

Ima-obong burst into laughter after losing her job – she was glad but her problem now is she’s struggling to get her entitlements.

Edidiong (37) wasn’t (isn’t) a refuse dump but she won’t believe. She got married and divorced on three occasions because of infertility and now so desperate to sleep with any man who could afford to put a baby in her womb – too bad! Specialists keep saying she’s got no organic problem – perhaps psychological or maybe spiritual!

Akapo realizes his fiancée is secretly planning to permanently loan his unborn baby to another man who is obviously richer ….

Okoro is grappling with job loss and possible jail ….

Okorodudu’s lot is lack of job.

Dudu lost his biggest customer to his business rival.

Challenges are big but they’ve got their very weak points which you can use to challenge them. Just keep a date with us on this site.

It’s step-by-step!

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