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Weaning Palaver. (Baby Thomas vs Mummy Margaret)

MBGN 2010 Fiona Amuzie-Erede sure believes in breast-milk. Breast-milk is nature at its best nurture your baby with the best. credit:

Let’s check out the thoughts of Thomas and her mum Margaret as they both face the battle of weaning:

Baby Thomas: (frowning) This woman has her favourite meal and doesn’t hesitate to drum it into available ears. She’s fund of saying “My favourite meal is fried rice with fried turkey. And any man who blesses me with this gift with chilled coke, cold enough to have curves (beads of ice) on its body on a hot summer afternoon has my heart and what next? Oh all he need do is just copy his love and paste in me”.

My mummy won’t stop there for she usually adds this,

“And if the gift is coming from a member of my gender then I’ll be her best friend and confidante for life!”

Baby Thomas continues with his allegations:

Her face goes wild anytime she doesn’t have access to her fried rice with fried turkey on Sunday afternoon … then why is she preventing me from having my own favourite meal?

I learnt her own mummy breastfed her for 15 months and she wants to stop mine at 11 months … yet she’s always complaining that insensitive people are selfish … anyway what many people preach against and distance themselves from in public are what they practice in secrecy.

Mummy Margaret: (smirking) Baby Thomas I gave you exclusive breast-milk for the first 6 months of your life and now that I’m planning to wean you at 12 months you shouldn’t struggle with me but instead you should have said, ‘Thank you mummy,’ and pack your load and go. You’re my first child Thomas and I’ve got a long way to go, after all other babies are loading … and I still want to pull effect amongst friends and in town at events. So? Don’t be selfish and remember my twin-sisters were ‘lost’ by your dad but you found yet want to keep for life so should your daddy commit suicide because his son doesn’t want to let go? Anyway you’re a male same with your dad and you both want to start fighting over a woman. Too early for you; too late for him!

Is this another triangle in love matters? The baby said ‘…11 months’ her mum said ‘… 12 months’. So whom do we believe?

MBGN: Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.

image credit: Fiona Amuzie-Irede/Instagram


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