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Untold Mum-Baby Domestic War.

This is expectation in human person.

@ image: when your baby sees you rubbing something on your breasts and feels you were adding sugar and honey to his milk so it could tastes sweeter and he’ll enjoy his meal better.

And so his bliss climbed to the top of Mount Everest but did it lasts there? Maybe, maybe not! Time that will tell is loading …. Meanwhile his friend, age-mate and also neighbour just received his sack-letter from his mum and his salary (aka milk) aborted.

more pics and info ahead

See him crying over spilt milk; his mates are busy, hustling making money.

Anyway when and where you meet bile where you expected bliss this is the drama that ensues. The makeup artist in mummy painted her breasts with bitter but harmless substances and he ingested.   Only maverick minds in mature men uploads this face.

@ image: and the baby (sorry man) soliloquized –

“It’s stated in the Bible that man shall not live by bread alone. Now mummy I’ll prove to you and daddy that I can live without milk again and show you I’m a man, a real man!”

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