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Let’s Talk About Marriage.

Veteran actors who double as couple Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva.

This couple are both celebs, actors, colleagues, friends and partners … married for over 32 years and of course counting.

Many times we’re quick to chastise couples when they have issues in their marriage but in retrospect many of us can’t count the number of friends we’d lost in the past 15 years. Please note that we weren’t living with those friends unlike couples who live together and familiarity they say breeds contempt … BUT only if we give room to such.

Couples who’re happily married and are seriously enjoying their union, deserves commendation but that doesn’t mean those who are no longer together should be chastised.

There are many good players who leave their club for another and fail to perform to expectations and might later leave for another or back to their former clubs and begin to make exploits again, so what happened? That’s where compatibility comes in and this counts in marriage but we also contribute our own quota to the success or otherwise of the union.

Every good thing demands sacrifice and marriage is so awesome and wholesome so we should deliver our optimal best – if you observe that and your partner replicates same then that’s automatic  invite to paradise.

You deserve a lovely home and not just a lively career. Love + life = fulfilment (desirable life)

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva are formidable couple with desirable marriage and home and are role-models to many couples and singles across the globe.

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