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TAM (That Awkward Moment: Leye and his car) II.

Vehicular traffic x-rays the hustle and bustle of humanity. (credit: AP)

Leye looked toward his left – perhaps he could see someone with special powers that could make him disappear from his issue and ticking time bomb.

Instead he saw a nice-looking aunt probably in her mid 60s, and on closer observation she transformed to the woman who wanted him to marry her daughter a spoilt brat – and his wahala doubled.

Behind him (at the other lane) was a Chrysler and behind its wheel was an expatriate, a French national that Leye was bent on dating and the lady’s brown eyes won’t stop looking at his brown car and Leye’s mind rang, “If this car should misbehave here and now, ah I’m done for, because this woman and babe will tease me till I turn to Teazer drink.”

Lo and behold his engine began to sound like it was starving and 7-star headache with 3-star migraine imported from God knows where gate-crashed into his head and his mind had screamed ….

Now Leye had spent 50 years in traffic. His heart became weary and wanted to commit suicide, his eyes wanted to hide inside a cocoon we label eyelid but they need to open so he could get out of the mess.

He closed them to pray but thought he heard a car hooting and opened. Same story. TAM

Talking Point:

Challenges are part of life, they rage, roar, bully us … but the problem with us is that we don’t challenge them by staying calm (- needs + not another – )  in the midst of their storms and so they jump from 2 to 4 to 8 then 16 then 32 not relenting to 64 ….

Now as big as the issue is – either way Leye will subdue and win in the end.

If he switches off his engine and it refuses to start – he should come out, apologize and plead for battery from the motorist behind him.

Ideally people are nice and don’t mind rendering helping hands but they are especially nice in public (social desirability) and again in this special case vested interest applies and anyone who may not release his battery under normal circumstances may do, so you don’t delay him.

But if in the end you can’t get, believe me in less than 30 minutes maybe more your car will be isolated. But don’t forget to put Caution sign while you try to resolve your issue.

Many say cars are wives that don’t have listening ears when they start their issues and many motorists will understand you and in fact many would have been in your shoes at one time or the other so why see yourself as a criminal before a judge when you’re not?

Can you see how we sometimes make a mountain out of issues that are only © molehill?

Our challenges are usually not as big as they appear or how we see them. In fact a neutral observer might see what we’re not seeing. Football fans see the mistakes of footballers and what they ought to have done and may proffer logical ideas and solutions.

God made the world so perfect that anybody could think smarter and bail you out of your mess no matter how smart you are!

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