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TAM (That Awkward Moment: Leye and his car).

Mondays manufacture traffic gridlock on many highways. (credit:punch.ng.com)

Leye Ajagbe’s car had alternator issue which automatically affects his car battery and so his battery was usually uncharged.

When you see one ‘bad’ look around that ‘bad’ you’ll see another ‘bad’ and conversely if you see ‘good’ there are ‘goods’ hiding somewhere close. Interestingly the good, the bad and the ugly are also triplets in life.

The bad alternator can be filed under ‘bad’ and on this day Leye had less fuel in his car – another bad. And to make matters worse he ran into traffic gridlock – the third bad – which at this juncture he wasn’t conscious of!

Now after some minutes of zero movement Leye suddenly realized the gridlock could exhaust his fuel and his fingers flew to the gear section and switched from ‘D’ to ‘P’.

Task 1 accomplished and without pausing, his fingers flew again this time to the ignition section and as he touched and about to turn his key the key screamed, ‘Idiot,’ and he was shocked to hear that from an inanimate object. But no it was his mind that screamed but because his mind was a ventriloquist he had thought the sound came from his ignition.

The combo of bad battery and less fuel (bad less) will delete the nerves of a typical man hitherto replete with guts and gusto.

Leye knew he was standing between a merciless Rot and a fence pushing electricity along its wires.

Switch off your ignition and your battery goes 6 feet down; leave your engine running and your fuel is eventually carried by undertakers … and in the midst of all these crises a man’s mind could divorce him – though temporarily.

Time could be very slow in some circumstances and extremely fast in another but in this situation 30 seconds was 30 years to Leye  and the stream in his system began to overflow its bank and water began to appear on his brow, arms, armpits, even the bum area of his trousers wasn’t spared.

He looked at his right and saw a pretty and pretty smart woman behind-the-wheel who had probably been watching him all along like a movie and the woman who should be in her late 20s waited for some seconds to register her smile at him before transferring her face to another direction.

He understood the gesture and tried to access her fingers but couldn’t instead he saw her smooth ride, and this made his face tight with rough edges, he pardoned her, forgave himself.

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